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I am an Embodiment Coach and Facilitator. I am an artist, an activist and an activator. I facilitate kinesthetic (body-based) classes, workshops, sessions and retreats where my clients transform their pain & shame into joy and excitement. Emotional burdens and trauma are healed through techniques in self-love and expression. I explore the space in between acquaintances and lovers, of magnetism and flow. Of intuition and action. Of science and spirituality. Of enjoyment in the body while taking healthful care of the body. I am WooHoo and WooWoo. I am fascinated with the full expression of being in our bodies through movement, health, sexuality and mindfulness. I simply love spreading these practices of living Fully Embodied and I am so glad you are joining me!

Artist | Activist | Activator; Non-profit Arts Facilitator; International Performance Artist & Workshop Leader; Capoeira Beribazu Professora; AcroYoga Montreal & AcroFitness Instructor; Voler Aerial Acrobatics Co-Director & Instructor; Shamanic Yoga Instructor RYS 300; NEA Grant Recipient; U.S. Dept. of Education Grant Recipient; A classically trained dancer with supplemental training by Pilobolus, the Alvin Ailey School, Interplay, Biodanza and Bioenergetics instructors as well as with Shamanic, Brazilian and Native American teachers.

My Passion is to bring you back to your Body

Soulfully, Mindfully, Lovingly

Embodiment is physical consciousness. It is what brings our hopes and dreams into reality. Embodiment is Moving in Flow. Embodiment practices married with mindfulness practices = manifestation. Why do all the mind and heart work without the body?

Sometimes we become trapped within our bodies…being so physically focused that we lose sight of our higher selves, our soulful selves. Embodiment practices help to release physical and emotional traumas that can get trapped within the body. Through movement practices, we can release the physical focus and obtain a muscle memory action where we reunite with our soulful selves while our bodies complete the physical acts needed to achieve the immediate goal.

You’re not Alone

All of Us Could Use More Embodiment

My clients are high performing athletes, dancers and acrobats who are actively engaged in their bodies and seek to strengthen their sense of higher self within the body. My clients are also those have no physical training, who are highly performing business leaders and who feel very disengaged from their physical bodies.

Trauma and emotional blocks carried within the body can be transformed. Pain and injuries can be transformed. And once those physical blocks are released, the real manifestation can occur!

You can find more information about me, my programs, sessions, workshops and background throughout the site. Feel free to take a look and if you have any questions, contact me directly through the booking inquiry or sending me an email. I look forward to working with you!

Remember when we were constellations?

A Few of My Favorite Things!

My Daily Practices for a Purpose Filled Life


Being still and freeing yourself of all experience except that of beingness.


Allowing your spirit to connect to and download from the world around you.


Envisioning and setting intentions using all five senses, will clarify your desires.


Feeling and experiencing complete and awesome fulfillment!


Realigning your body to breathe properly is the first step in feeling good.


Creatively expressing yourself through song, dance, music or writing.

A life of vivid imagination creates a magical reality.

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